what is this blog even about?

Happy Tuesday! I've been so overwhelmed with the comments, messages, texts and encouragement I've received regarding this blog! Y'all are amazing! And I am so thankful for your support!

 I thought for today's post I'd fill you in, a bit, on what I'm thinking this little blog might look like, for the year 2015! One of the main reasons I put off starting a blog, for so long, was because I wasn't sure what I wanted it's main focus to be. I like so many different things and have so many interests that it was nearly impossible to narrow them all down to one or two things. That's when I discovered "lifestyle" blogs. I was so pumped when I realized, there are other people out there, just like me, that are interested in so many different things and they blog about all of them! So, if we're giving this blog a category, we will call it a Lifestyle Blog! 

I will be blogging about the following: Jesus, food, coffee, DIY, health & wellness, everyday life, books, and more! I plan to post twice a week (maybe more, if something really exciting happens). I will post on Tuesday's and Thursday's to start out and then reevaluate in the coming weeks!

Again, I'm so thankful for you and your encouragement and support! Better than I could've ever hoped for!

See ya Thursday,