coffee & pics

This past weekend my friend Hannah and I ran around town and took some pictures! I had a blast and wanted to share them with you! It was about 20 degrees outside - YIKES! Fear not, we still braved the cold and she got some sweet shots! Be sure to check out her etsy shop, she has some beautiful/cool stuff and she's having a sale!

My love for coffee is strong, y'all! Also, [disclaimer] we just picked up a stack of books, so I don't even know what's sitting in my lap!

Hannah dared me to stand on a frozen pond. I was terrified, but did it anyway!

Here's a close-up!

Graceful like a gazelle!

Hannah suggested I do a "yoga pose" - this is all I could muster, considering if I were to fall, I'd most likely fall into the frozen abyss. 

Next, we went over to a top-secret location (not really, it's just hard to find). I loved this wall and was so glad Hannah shared it with me!


I hope this encourages you to get out and explore your city! You're sure to happen upon fun new places you didn't know existed, or just forgot about! 

See ya Thursday,